Cooperation with Brazil

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SwAM has developed a cooperation based on mutual interest with partners in Brazil along two main lines: marine spatial planning (MSP) and biological diversity.

Marine spatial planning

We have an ongoing cooperation with Brazil’s Ministry of the Environment and the CIRM, (The Secretariat of Interministerial Commission of the Resources of the Sea), where we exchange knowledge and experiences regarding marine spatial planning.

Biological diversity

SwAM has initiated a cooperation with Brazil on biological diversity issues and marine protected areas, with a specific focus on conservation and protection of small whales. The cooperation is both taking place on a technical level, through a project run by a Brazilian university, and on policy level, through a collaboration with the Ministry of Environment in Brazil.

Our cooperation partners in the project are:

We have also established a contact with Brazil’s National Water Agency (ANA) and with ICMbio, the agency with responsibility for biological diversity. No activities are planned for 2019.

Published: 2017-05-09
Updated: 2019-04-15