Data Collection Framework (DCF)

The Data Collection Framework (DCF) provides a common framework for the EU community to collect, manage, and share data within the fisheries sector. The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management is responsible for the implementation of the DCF within Sweden.

EU Legislation

The Data Collection Framework is governed by specific EU legislation:

The collected data forms the basis for scientific advice regarding the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy of which the objective is for commercial fishing to be conducted in a sustainable manner and based upon scientific assessments.

EU member countries conduct annual surveys and stock assessments on a number of commercial fish stocks, data which then lends itself to international recommendations such as maximum fishing quotas.

ICES Working Groups

The data is used within a number of ICES working groups:

  • Planning Group on Commercial Catches
  • Discards and Biological Sampling
  • Study Group on Practical Implementation of Discard Sampling Plans.

SwAM is also intermediate body of the Swedish Agriculture Agency for handling applications regarding Data Collection within the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, EMFF. For more information on the EMFF, please visit the Swedish Agriculture Agency’s website.