Efforts in Sweden

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We are responsible for the implementation and coordination of Sweden’s national data collection program/annual workplan. The collected and analysed data is comprised of biological and economic data from commercial and recreational fishing, aquaculture, and the processing industry.

Responsibile Authorities in Sweden

Organization chart. Illustration.

A visual representation of how DCF efforts are carried out in Sweden.

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

The Department of Aquatic Resources at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) carries out the largest data collection by taking samples on board vessels and from landed catch.

The department also takes samples within recreational fishing and carries out trawling and acoustic research with the help of research vessels. The raw data that SLU collects for the purpose of DCF is stored in the university’s databases.

Swedish Board of Agriculture

The Swedish Board of Agriculture assists SwAM in situations concerning the financial situations of the aquaculture and processing industries.

Our Agency

Aside from our responsibility for the national coordination of data, we also collect information on landings, fishing efforts, and economic data regarding Sweden’s fishing fleet. We also collect data on recreational fishing. 

Published: 2014-01-16
Updated: 2017-06-08