Cooperation with Russia

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Due to Russias military aggression against Ukraine, cooperation with Russia is paused since February 24 2022.

We earlier coordinated the environmentally strategic cooperation between Sweden and Russia on marine and aquatic issues. A work plan was developed by both Sweden and Russia form the basis of the cooperation. Coordinated management from source to sea and marine spatial planning were the identified areas for the cooperation.

Coordinated management from source to sea

SwAM cooperated with Russia on a source to sea study in the Luga River system. The study focused on pollution and conservation of wild salmon in the Luga River. The collaboration also included a pilot study regarding cumulative environmental impacts according to the Symphony methodology.

Marine spatial planning

SwAM also cooperated with Russia regarding our work with marine spatial planning.

Our main collaboration partners are ERMAK, which were involved in developing the marine spatial planning in Russia. Our government assignment to develop proposals for Sweden’s marine spatial plans indicate that we are to cooperate with our neighbouring countries. Cooperation at the official level made it possible for us to influence the design and direction of Russia’s marine spatial plans, and also help to bring a higher degree of environmental consideration from a Baltic Sea perspective.

We also had cooperation with Russia regarding operations conducted within the measures adopted for Russia’s national implementation of HELCOM’s Baltic Sea Action Plan. In addition, we collaborated with Russia within the Arctic Council and the Barents Euro-Arctic Council, BEAC.

Published: 2017-05-09
Updated: 2019-04-15