Capacity4MSP 2019-2021

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Capacity4MSP is a collaboration on marine spatial planning for the Baltic Sea. SwAM’s role is to lead the Planners’ forum.

Capacity4MSP – strengthening planning

Capacity4MSP aims to strengthen the capacity of marine spatial planning stakeholders, policy-makers and decision-makers through intensified dialogue activities and amplifying gained knowledge in marine spatial planning.

Dialogue among planners

SwAM is responsible for the Planners’ forum in the project, which is a hands-on collaboration among MSP practitioners – a cooperation practice initiated by the Pan Baltic Scope project.

Spreads results

Capacity4MSP builds on the results of the current and recently completed MSP projects and ongoing MSP processes in the Baltic Sea Region. It is important to make all those results known and used.

We bring partners together

Capacity4MSP is a project platform. A project platform brings together organisations from different projects and different funding programmes to streamline their outcomes and achieve a stronger impact in the region.

Capacity4MSP runs from August 2019 to 30 September 2021.

Stay tuned

Stay tuned and get more info at Capacity4MSP at VASAB.

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Published: 2020-03-03