Regional cooperation

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There are two international conventions to protect the sensitive environments of the Baltic Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean: HELCOM and OSPAR respectively. In particular in the Baltic Sea area, a dialogue on marine spatial planning is conducted. There is also a special forum for spatial planning, Vision and Strategies around the Baltic Sea (VASAB), which is a collaboration between the ministers responsible for spatial planning in the Baltic Sea region.

The Baltic Sea


Marine spatial planning work is based on the Baltic Sea Action Plan (BSAP) within HELCOM and the Long - Term Perspective for the Territorial Development of the Baltic Sea Region within VASAB.

HELCOM and VASAB jointly adopted the principles of maritime spatial planning in the Baltic Sea in 2010. At the same time, a joint working group for marine spatial planning was formed, with the participation of the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management. The group is named Joint HELCOM-VASAB MSP Working Group and has developed roadmaps for marine spatial planning and guidelines for how the ecosystem approach should be applied in marine spatial planning as well as for how cooperation between marine spatial planners should take place. There is a data expert group to support the work.

North Atlantic Ocean


Cooperation in the North Sea area takes place through, among other cooperations, the NorthSEE project. There is still no permanent cooperation similar to that found in the Baltic Sea, but there is a dialogue between the countries to establish a cooperation platform on marine spatial planning.

Published: 2021-11-01