Use, blue growth and fisheries

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We support efforts to increase the economic benefits from a sustainable use of marine resources. We focus on small-scale fisheries and work on tenure and user rights, local blue growth, trade in fisheries services and biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction. Transparency and participation makes fair and good use possible.

Supporting Local Blue Growth

We collect and provide knowledge on what key infrastructure and institutional factors need to be in place for local economic blue growth in developing countries, with a specific focus on the Western Indian Ocean region.

Trade in Fisheries Services

We increase the knowledge in the role that trade in fisheries services play in value chains for blue food. Please contact us for information.

Benefits that make governments publish information on fisheries

We do a study to analyse market and non-market based benefits to incentivise governments to proactively publish information on marine fisheries management.

The study pursues three concrete objectives:

  1. Improve the understanding of how incentives can and do influence governments to improve transparency on fisheries management
  2. Identify real-world examples where the publication of government information on fisheries management – as determined by the FiTI Standard – led to improved government performance, for example enhanced revenue collection, or reduced spending.
  3. Analyse market-based mechanisms, that is seafood certifications, seafood production policies, as well as international trade agreements regarding the existence and potential for incentivising the proactive publication of fisheries management information by governments

We work in the Fisheries Transparency Initiative, FiTI

We are a board member of the Fisheries Transparency Initiative international board.

Read about the Fisheries Transparency Initiative FiTI, and why sustainable fisheries need transparency

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Sustainable fisheries need transparency!

Strong ecosystems is a must for social and economic development

Humans need nature to survive. Strong, resilient ecosystems is a must for social and economic development. We work to increase the economic benefits from the sustainable use of marine resources. Conservation is one part of this.

This work is part of our development cooperation programme SwAM Ocean – reducing poverty through sustainable use of the sea

Published: 2021-03-29
Updated: 2022-01-27