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Sweden and Marine Spatial Planning

Sweden is developing three distinct marine spatial plans for its territorial waters and exclusive economic zone.

Timeline for Sweden’s maritime spatial planning

Timeline for Sweden's maritime spatial planning.

Past consultation on plan proposals

During 2018 we consulted neighbouring countries on the three proposed marine spatial plans for Sweden.

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Next step is a review in spring 2019.

Past dialogue on first sketches

From December 2016 until autumn 2017, we had an extensive dialogue with Swedish stakeholders. We invited neighbouring countries to a dialogue meeting in May 2017.

Basis for the consultation were sketches of plans. The sketches indicated what our maritime spatial plans might come to look like.

Road map for marine spatial planning

The road map report outlines Sweden’s MSP Work.

You can read, among other things, about the extent to which we should carry out a strategic environmental assessment (SEA). But the report is available only in Swedish.

Marine spatial planning current status 2014. Cover image.

Report on Current Status

Sweden's marine resources and the demands on them, both now and in the future, is described in our report Marine Spatial Planning – Current Status from 2014.

This cross-sectoral perspective serves as a starting point for the first phase of national marine spatial planning.

Many Swedish stakeholders contributed to the report.

Three Planning Areas in Sweden

Sweden is developing spatial plans for its territorial waters and exclusive economic zone in three areas:

  • Gulf of Bothnia
  • Baltic Sea
  • Skagerrak and Kattegat
Map showing Sweden's three MSP areas.

Sweden’s three marine planning areas: Gulf of Bothnia, Baltic Sea and Skagerrak and Kattegat.

Authorities Involved in Sweden's MSP

Our agency is developing the plans, working together with other agencies and the county administrative boards while consulting coastal municipalities, NGOs and the public.

We've assembled a list of authorities involved in Sweden's MSP.

MSP and Environmental Objectives

Marine spatial planning is an essential tool for achieving Sweden's environmental quality objectives.

We are using the tool SymphonyPDF for assessing cumulative impact.


Projects providing evidence and collaboration

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