About WaterCoG

The focus of the Interreg Water Co-Governance for Sustainable Ecosystems project (WaterCoG) is to understand how the implementation of EU directives can be achieved at a local level in the North Sea Region.

WaterCog aims to demonstrate that the implementation and integration of various water management frameworks can be achieved while also providing social, economic and environmental benefits that are currently not being realized.

Visit WaterCog on the Interreg North Sea Region's website.

Logo for Interreg Water Co-Governance project

The official logo for WaterCoG is primarily available for download to those involved in the project.

Whether in a printed brochure or online, it should be clear as to which role WaterCoG has in that specific context, for example as a financier or partner.

The minimum size of the logo is 66 mm.

Published: 2016-05-10
Updated: 2019-01-23