Second SwAM Ocean seminar on adaptive management

Nearly 60 persons from the West Indian Ocean region participated in the second Adaptive management seminar for marine protected areas.

How to engage stakeholders, that was the topic. In the day-to-day management, and during designation of new MPAs.

Three cases were presented:

  • Locally Managed Marine Areas in Madagascar
  • Seychelles’ Marine Spatial Planning approach to the designation of new MPAs
  • The designation of the Kosterhavet National Park in Sweden

The seminar was in line with actions to address the challenges in the MPA Outlook report, so the Nairobi Convention.

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Online meeting.

Nearly 60 persons took part and discussed how to engage stakeholders.

The seminar was hosted by the Nairobi Convention and the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Managemen on 22 September 2021.

This text is an adaptation of the post on The WIOMSA Blog.

This work is part of our development cooperation programme SwAM Ocean.

Published: 2021-10-20