News 18 October 2023

The Comoros: Capacity – collaboration – adaptive co-management

As the heavy rains patter on the roof of the beautiful venue in Mitsamiouli National Park, sixteen committed marine managers from all four of the Comoros’ marine national parks are intensely dealing with the challenging questions of the day. A day that will end in sunshine and new ways.

Man står vid anslagstavla

The teams built their theory-of-change, connecting management strategies to the ecological targets and long-term vision of the marine parks.

At the venue are also the Swedish Agency for Marine & Water Management SwAM, and their partner FOS Europe – a duo that actually did the same work on adaptive management some years ago, but for the much colder, sub-arctic waters of Sweden. Today they are co-organizing the workshop for adaptive management.

Then, as the rain stops, the participants emerge with new ideas and plans. They will change how they manage their marine protected areas:

  • Improve co-management agreements
  • Implement an adaptive management system
  • Revise management plans
  • Train park rangers
  • Put in place a monitoring and evaluation system

Stepping outside, one of the participants summarizes the day:

"I have learned a new way of planning and organising our major activities during this workshop. I think the theory of change should be applied in the whole process of the Park and Agency planning."


Building capacity for adaptive management with Conservation Standards. "I have learned about many tools during this workshop. They are going to help me to plan and implement activities, and to assess them.”

karta över Comoros-öarna

The islands of the Comoros are of volcanic origin, with a broad biodiversity. Turtles, cetaceans, octopus among sea grass beds, volcanic coral reefs and underwater caves. The rich biodiversity and marine resources are valuable in itself and to humans alike.

This post was first published in the WIOMSA Newsbrief September 2023

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