News 19 September 2023

New study: How government transparency impacts fish trade and eco certification

This new study analyses the impact of improving government transparency in fisheries on eco certification efforts, and whether existing certification efforts incentivise national authorities to improve transparency of fisheries management.

The study was done by Naunet Consultants and explores the linkages between the FiTI Standard and two major fisheries certification standards, namely the MSC, Marine Stewardship Council, and FoS, Friend of the Sea.

The study also present input from certification stakeholders such as Conformity Assessment Bodies, MSC experts and participants of Fisheries Improvement Projects, FIPs:

94 %

of certification stakeholders view a more transparent fishing management body as beneficial for eco-certification initiatives

70 %

consider the level of transparency of the management body when calculating the cost of the fisheries assessment process

100 %

agree that lack of data would increase the budget for a Fisheries Improvement Project

Get the recommendations

Get the 6 recommendations from the study in the report Benefits of government transparency in marine fisheries

This study was made possible by SwAM Ocean

Front page of a report called Benefits of Government transparency in marin fisheries with photo of man fishing with rod

The new study gives you some insight into how government transparency impacts fish trade and eco certification.

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Published: 2023-09-19