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The marine spatial plans are followed up to ensure that they are up-to-date and fulfil their purposes. Follow-up is an important basis for the development of new plan proposals.

Once a marine spatial plan has been adopted by the Government, the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management must continuously stay informed of developments in the areas concerned, and, if necessary or at least every eight years, develop new proposals so that the marine spatial plan is up to date and can fulfil its purpose. A Framework for Follow-up Marine Spatial Plans is being developed that will serve as support for the upcoming work. With the support of the framework, development will then be monitored in the areas concerned, as well as the application of the plans, their social, economic and environmental consequences as well as possible significant environmental impacts.

Following up on the plans is a prerequisite for identifying the need of new marine spatial plans so that they can be kept up to date and fulfil their purposes. The follow-up generates important planning evidence for new plan proposals.

Published: 2021-11-01
Updated: 2019-12-17