News 10 February 2023

Video voices: WIO Symphony – a tool for ecosystem-based marine spatial planning

How cool would it be to have a tool that shows the impact of human activities on marine and coastal environments? Well... one exists!

Harrison Ong'anda, portrait.

Harrison Ong'anda. Kenya marine and fisheries research institute Chair of the regional task force on marin spatial planning.

WIO Symphony is a web-based tool based on more than 80 ecology and human activity maps. It supports ecosystem-based Marine Spatial Planning by calculating cumulative impact over large areas and illustrating those that are under specific pressures. The tool also provides insight into the positive environmental impact that can be achieved through effective planning and policy measures!

Listen to stakeholders and partners talk about the significance of the co-developed WIO Symphony tool for the achievement of a sustainable blue economy in the Western Indian Ocean region.

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Video: Western Indian Ocean (WIO) Symphony

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Published: 2023-02-10