News about Memfis 21 September 2023

Meet Annelie Pompe at MEMFIS – a professional adventurer

Annelie is the inspirational speaker at the conference. She has spent most of her life in nature and on the question where she lives, Anneli says: “Mostly in a boat”. She believes adventures are more about attitude than adrenaline. Take a deep breath and join in on adventures at the height and depth.

Annelie Pompe, professional advdenturer

Annelie Pompe, professional adventurer

What does the ocean mean to you?
– The ocean feels like ’home’ to me. It’s my favourite place!

What human-caused effects or changes have you seen in the ocean over the years?
– I have been under water in many oceans during the last past 30 years and seen the changes with my own eyes! There’s less fish, more marine littering, oxygen deprived ocean floors and damaged coral reefs. But I have also seen many areas improve, so I’m hopeful!

The MEMFIS conference is about marine environmental monitoring – why/how/what is that important from your point of view?
– The challenge of the ocean is that it’s difficult to see what’s going on under the surface, hence monitoring the process seems like a great idea.

How does you/your work contribute to more effective environmental monitoring in the sea? What will you talk about at the conference?
– I’m part of a divers team called ’Divers against ghost nets’ who search for and pick up ghost nets from the ocean. I’m also an ambassador for ‘Keep Sweden Clean’ who organize beach clean-ups. I will talk about ocean adventures and how we can find courage and motivation to keep up with challenges ahead.

With the future in focus – how can we give back to nature by sharing and caring?
– By sharing the love for nature without shaming and guilt, and giving back in small and big ways.

Name: Annelie Pompe
Title: Professional adventurer
Key achievements: World record free dive to 126M on one breath take, as well as being the first Swedish woman to summit Mount Everest from the north side and climbing the 7 summits.
Favourite water place and why? Swedish west coast! It’s beautiful both above and below the surface! When the visibility is good it’s very calming and lots of nice things to watch.

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Published: 2023-09-21