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We invite participants from around the world to register to attend the Marine environmental monitoring – future, innovation and sustainability. MEMFIS will be held at in Stockholm, Sweden at Münchenbryggeriet.

Registration fee

MEMFIS Attendee: 100 EUR (80 EUR ex VAT)

The fee can be paid by credit card or by invoice. Further information with regards to payment to the MEMFIS conference to be found in the invitation link circulated by Dreambag.

Due to limited space in the conference facilities, we’ve had to limit the number of attendees to maximum 300 persons. While we value and appreciate your commitment to our conference, we might need to decline in meeting registration and attendance.

For attendees or participants who are not keynote speakers, you will be responsible for arranging and pay for your own transportation and accommodations.

There are many hotels in Stockholm to choose from and we have listed five hotels closest to the venue in order to assist you in picking one. Feel free to contact any hotel of your choice.

The venue

Hotels nearby

Hotel Rival
Hellstens Malmgård
Hellstens Glashus
Hotel Frantz, WorldHotels Crafted

Contact for questions

Published: 2023-06-15
Updated: 2023-09-27