News about Memfis 7 November 2023

Countdown to MEMFIS

Only two days left until MEMFIS.

We really look forward to starting this international conference on marine environmental monitoring for future innovation and sustainability. The stage is set, the speakers are on their way and you are most welcome! See you on Thursday!

MEMFIS-logga med skiss

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  1. News about Memfis 2023-11-16

    In November, SwAM and Formas arranged a two-day conference – Marine environmental monitoring for future innovation and sustainability, MEMFIS. The conference brought together more than 120 participants from eight countries; decision makers and experts on marine monitoring from areas such as policy, management, research and innovation.

  2. News about Memfis 2023-11-02

    In a week the first international conference on the future of marine environmental monitoring will take place in Sweden with focus on innovation and sustainability. SwAM and Formas are happy to welcome participants from eight countries to two days of exciting talks, inspiring poster sessions and time for networking.

  3. News about Memfis 2023-10-26

    The United Nations and UNESCO’s Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development – the Ocean Decade, provides a convening framework for a wide range of stakeholders across the world to engage and collaborate outside their traditional communities.

Published: 2023-11-07