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The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, SwAM, is a government agency that works for flourishing seas, lakes and streams for the benefit and enjoyment of all.

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About the Agency

We are responsible for managing the use and preventing the overuse of Sweden's marine and freshwater environments. We take into consideration the requirements of the ecosystem and people, both now and in the future.

We do this by gathering knowledge, planning, and making decisions about actions to improve the environment. To be successful in these efforts, we coordinate and establish our efforts among everyone involved, both nationally and internationally.

Good Decisions are Based Upon Sound Knowledge

Based on Swedish and international research, we take responsibility for planning and managing marine and fresh water resources.

We commission research from universities and colleges which house expertise. Together with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and other research funders, we make sure that government research grants also benefit marine and freshwater environments.

We commission test fishing, extractions of water samples, and other surveys to monitor the state of Sweden's oceans, lakes and streams. Based on results from these activities, we produce analyses, evaluations and reports.

We ensure that our knowledge reaches the public, stakeholders, and public authorities so that the information comes to good use wherever it is needed.

When Interests Merge

We regulate fishing and develop guidelines for how marine environments and streams may be used, for example for both wind- and hydropower. We prepare reports about both social and environmental economics.

Interest in how marine resources can be used is constantly increasing. Our agency has been commissioned to establish Sweden's marine spatial planning, the physical planning of the marine environment. Through our knowledge and plans, we will prevent conflicts over marine resources. If conflicts do arise, we are here to help to solve them.

Collaboration at Home and Across Borders

Successful cooperation with other agencies is a prerequisite for us to succeed in our mission.

The Environmental Protection Agency and the The Swedish Board of Agriculture are obvious sister agencies, while Sweden's county administrative boards and municipalities are vital to ensuring that our decisions are well-founded through careful planning and safe monitoring.

We also have international assignments, both within and outside of the European Union. Because water moves freely across national borders, cooperation with countries especially around the Baltic and North Seas is vital for the future of our waters.

We prepare supporting documentation prior to negotiations within the EU and work according to the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency assignments on behalf of the world's shared water resources.

Thriving Life – Today and for the Future

Both animals and plants live in oceans, lakes and streams. We protect and promote biodiversity in our waters. We do this by protecting animals and plants of particular interest and by keeping an eye on non-indigenous species in our waters.

We also make sure that fishing is carried out according to regulations and that water is kept clean so that everything and everyone – plants, animals and people – can thrive there both now and in the future.

Published: 2020-12-17