Organizational Structure

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The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management is responsible for, among other things, marine and water planning, oversight, and regulations. The head offices are located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Director General and management group

The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management is headed by acting director general Eva-Britt Eklöf-Petrusson. She is responsible to the Swedish government for the Agency's activities.

The director general is supported by internal leadership which helps coordinate the Agency's mission for the government.

The Director General is also supported in his work by an advisory council which serves the public's interest. The council is only an advisory body and has no decision-making authority.

Each member is appointed by the government for his or her specific competence. The council's mission is to ensure transparency in the Agency's operations and to provide advice to the Director General.

Within our agency, the director general is solely responsible for the agency's activities to the Swedish government. The director general oversees the ongoing operations together with the agency's management team.
The management group consists of our four department directors, executive officer, and human resources director.

Human Resources manages and develops the agency’s personnel policies and works to ensure that SwAM is an attractive employer.


  • Communications




  • Finance and Accounting
  • Legal Services
  • Register, Archives and Joint Services


  • IT Operations
  • IT Governance
  • System Development
  • Digital leadership and management



  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Data and Information
  • Environmental Assessment
  • International Affairs


  • Water Management
  • Environmental Auditing
  • Aquatic Biodiversity


  • Marine Environment
  • Marine Spatial Planning
  • Fisheries Policy
  • Fisheries Licensing


  • Fisheries Monitoring Centre
  • Fisheries Compliance and Data Analysis
  • Fisheries Inspection


  • Grants Programme
  • Public Safety
Published: 2013-12-02
Updated: 2022-01-27