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In accordance with the Swedish law, SwAM has dedicated channels for reporting irregularities in the agency’s operations. These internal channels are designed to enable secure reporting from persons with work related dependencies on SwAM.

Channels for reporting

In the internal channels you can report suspected irregularities of public interest, such as fraud or corruption. If you have complaints or other discontent, please contact our customer service.

Who can report?

Those who are active in the operations at SwAM can report irregularities within the agency’s operations through the dedicated internal channels. These persons can for example be employees (including former employees), interns, or consultants with assignments in the agency.

What can be reported?

A report can cover matters that are illegal, unethical, or in other ways unsuitable. For you as a reporter to be subject to the specific protection of the law, the information must have been attained in a work-related context and the information must be of public interest. An individual’s work conditions are in most cases not included in this.

What will happen with your report?

The reports will be received and handled by authorized employees. If you leave your contact information, you will receive information about the progress of your report and the investigation that might follow.

Protection of the reporting person

Information that might disclose the reporting person’s identity will be handled confidentially. You can also choose not to leave your name or other personal information in your report. For the report to be handled in the designated channels if you choose to be anonymous, it is important that you describe your work-related connection to SwAM.

How to report irregularities

You can choose to report an irregularity via post, telephone, or a physical meeting. Regardless of the channel you choose, your report should include the following information:

  1. Name and contact information of reporting person (optional).
  2. Your connection to SwAM.
  3. Describe the irregularity you wish to report, and the proof you have.
  4. When did the irregularity occur? Is it still ongoing?
  5. Who is involved?
  6. Are there any form of documentation or other evidence?
  7. Have you taken any other measures due to the irregularity?

If you write your postal address, you will receive a confirmation and feedback about the handling of your report.

Choose one of the channels below to submit your report

Send a letter

Answer as many of the questions above as possible and send your letter to

Havs- och vattenmyndigheten
Box 11 930
404 39 Göteborg

Call us

Oral reports can be submitted on Tuesdays between 9 am and 16 pm at +46 10 698 60 00

Meeting at our office in Gothenburg, Sweden

To schedule a meeting, contact us via telephone or post and meet us at Gullbergs strandgata 15.

Act on the Protection of Persons Reporting Irregularities (in Swedish): Lag om skydd för personer som rapporterar om missförhållanden (2021:890).

About personal data (in Swedish)

Published: 2023-10-19
Updated: 2024-04-30