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Improved marine environmental monitoring in the Baltic and North Sea

The sea knows no borders. Countries around the Baltic Sea and the North Sea need to cooperate even more, in order to improve the state of the marine environment. That is why the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (SwAM) and Formas are bringing together decision-makers and experts to further develop future marine environmental monitoring.

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On the 9–10 November 2023, SwAM and Formas, a research Council for sustainable development, will arrange an international conference on future environmental monitoring, focusing on innovation and sustainability. The conference will take place in Stockholm.

– Through this conference, we’d like to create a forum where stakeholders can discuss the needs of environmental monitoring, exchange experiences, present new methods and, not least, find opportunities for collaboration. Together we can lay the foundation for future environmental monitoring and a sustainable blue economy,” says Thomas Klein, Head of Environmental Analysis at SwAM.

A forum for collaboration

Environmental monitoring is the basis for good management of our seas, oceans and waters – and a sustainable blue economy. Furthermore, it is of great importance for Sweden’s work with our national environmental quality objectives, while being an important part of European legislation in water and biodiversity. Increased costs, greater cooperation and innovation are pivotal for jointly create the environmental monitoring that the administration needs.

- With this conference, we want to create a forum where stakeholders can discuss the needs of environmental monitoring, exchange experiences, present new methods and, not least, find cooperation opportunities. Together we can lay the foundations for future environmental monitoring and a sustainable blue economy, says Thomas Klein, head of environmental analysis at SwAM.

Efficiency and future in focus

SwAM and Formas have invited politicians, authorities, researchers and businesses from our neighbouring countries; Finland, the Baltic States, Poland, Germany, Denmark and Norway. The conference will focus on the future and how to use and develop the resources we have for marine environmental monitoring.

– Environmental monitoring is an important basis for research on sustainable development and the research provides us with information and knowledge about our environment. Through knowledge exchange and cooperation, environmental monitoring becomes both better and more cost-effective. If we can make even more efficient use of current monitoring infrastructure, innovative monitoring methods and analytical resources, we can support a marine environmental monitoring that helps us achieve both our national environmental goals and the global sustainability goals within Agenda 2030, says John Tumpane, Head of Department at Formas and co-organizer of the conference.

Welcome to the MEMFIS conference – Marine Environmental Monitoring – Future, Innovation, Sustainability.

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Published: 2023-08-30