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Statistics on Recreational Fishing

A statistical report on recreational fishing in Sweden has shed some light on the popularity of the leisure activity.

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"Recreational Fishing in Sweden 2013"PDF was commissioned by the agency and carried out by Statistics Sweden.

Primarily written in Swedish, pages 17-18 provide a clarification in English to the data tables and important terms.

A postal questionnaire to 10,000 randomly selected permanent residents in Sweden. The questionnaire was sent out at three occasions during the year with questions regarding fishing activities in the most recent four months.

The statistics do not include fishing carried out by visitors to Sweden.

The study showed that 1.6 million recreational fishers generated expenditures of over SEK 5 billion (roughly over 5 million euros) during 2013 alone.

Money Spent

  • short-term costs (fishing equipment, travel, fishing guides, food, accommodations): SEK 2.3 billion
  • long-term investments (boats, costly fishing equipment): SEK 3.5 billion


  • Men: 1.2 million
  • Women: 0.4 million

Age Distribution

  • 16–30 years: 0.4 million people
  • 31–50 years: 0.6 million people
  • 51–80 years: 0.6 million people

Total Number of Fishing Days

  • 9.2 million days in lakes and rivers
  • 4 million days in the sea

Types of Fishing Gear Used

  • handheld gear: 40 million occasions used
  • nets, pots and similar gear: 7 million occasions used

Amount Caught

  • inland: 9,000 tons
  • at sea: 7,000 tons

Most Commonly-Caught Species

  • inland: perch, pike, trout, crayfish and pike-perch
  • at sea: perch, pike, mackerel, trout and herring
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Published: 2014-11-21

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