Bathing Water Quality

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With a long coastline and many lakes, Sweden has many beaches and swimming areas. Our agency oversees the regulations and guidelines related to bathing water quality in Sweden.

Regular Testing of Water Quality

Information on water quality is important because some bathing water can occasionally contain high levels of bacteria or algae which can present health hazards.

The EU's Bathing Water Directive requires Members States to monitor and assess the bathing water at EU bathing sites for at least two parameters of (faecal) bacteria. Sweden's local municipalities have the responsibility of carrying this work out. In addition, they inform the public about bathing water quality and beach management. Our agency, in accordance with the Directive, issues detailed instructions for this work.

Interactive Maps with Data

Our interactive map (in Swedish) shows the water quality for the swimming areas that are monitored in Sweden. For example, results of the most recent samplings are shown, as well as observations of algal blooms, and if there is a current warning against bathing in that area, contact information and whether or not the site is an EU bathing site.

Information about water quality for swedish EU bathing sites is also available in English and other languages through the bathing water websites of the European Commission and the European Environment Agency.

Published: 2013-12-02
Updated: 2018-11-13