EU Bathing Sites

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Within the EU, larger public bathing areas are to be registered as EU bathing sites. All such locations are marked on-site with signs that show the quality of the bathing water.

EU Bathing Sites in Sweden

In Sweden, areas with more than 200 bathers per day on average are included. Swimming areas with fewer than 200 bathers per day have the option of registering as an EU bathing site.

If you are more interested in the latest data on water quality in Sweden's swimming areas, then have a look at our interactive map.

The European Environment Agency also has an interactive map showing the quality of water at EU bathing sites.

Bathing water quality. Example sign.

This is an example of a sign in English showing excellent water quality. The signs in Sweden look the same but are in Swedish.

Sign of Quality

When visiting an EU bathing site, you will see a sign that displays the quality of the location's bathing water. The rating is based upon water samples from the four most recent years and can receive one of the following signs:

  • excellent – marked by 3 stars
  • good – marked by 2 stars
  • sufficient – marked by 1 star
  • poor – marked with a dash
  • advice against bathing – marked clearly with the red prohibition symbol
Example sign. Excellent bathing water quality.

Even though this sign is in Swedish, the three stars signals that this particular swimming spot has excellent bathing water quality.

Published: 2015-06-30
Updated: 2018-11-13