The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management is responsible for the biological diversity in Sweden's seas, lakes and waterways. It includes protection and measures to support habitats and species in those environments. Here you will find information about some of the work we do for biodiversity.

Climate change, alien species, acidification, eutrophication, pollution and physical exploitation/human physical impact are a few examples of the results of human activity that negatively affect our aquatic environment. If nothing is done, it risks worsening the water quality and living conditions for animals and plants that live there for a long time to come.

To reverse the negative impact, we are involved in nature conservation, provide guidance in environmental work for authorities and organizations, and take various measures to preserve animals, plants and habitats in our waters. We work for a living aquatic environment from source to sea. Here you can read more about our work for living seas, lakes and waterways that benefits animals, plants and people.