Swedish marine planning - geographical data

Geographical data from HaV for Swedish marine planning

Sweden develops three marine spatial plans - one for the Gulf of Bothnia, one for the Baltic Sea and one for the North Sea (Skagerrak and Kattegat).

The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, SwAM, produce the proposals for marine spatial plans, while coastal county administrative boards and central authorities support the work and provide support for the planning process. Municipalities, regional planning bodies, municipal cooperative bodies and county councils that are concerned can participate in the proposal work.

The data set contains geo data for marine spatial plan maps, in the version handed over to the government.

More about marine spatial planning in Sweden.


Free use according to CC0.

Map services and download

Viewing Service (WMS): http://geodata.havochvatten.se/geoservices/hav-havsplaner-forslag-till-regeringen/ows

Direct Access Service (WFS): http://geodata.havochvatten.se/geoservices/hav-havsplaner-forslag-till-regeringen/ows

Download: Data Documentation Pdf, 89.9 kB., Swedish-MSP-for-the-government-2019-12-17.zip Zip, 2.2 MB.


The plan map should be interpreted in the approximate scale between 1:700,000 and 1:1,000,000.

Geo data Symphony: Read more and download here: Symphony - integrated planning support for state marine planning based on an ecosystem approach

Published: 2021-10-07