News about Memfis 12 October 2023

The poster exhibition is vital to the MEMFIS conference

In addition to all the interesting speakers, there will also be a dozen poster exhibitors to spread good experiences on ongoing projects and current research in the marine environmental monitoring work.


MEMFIS 2023. Let's Talk Ocean

A poster exhibition is a key aspect of scientific conferences and is also a great way to network with other researchers within this field. The poster exhibitors at the MEMFIS conference will showcase research and the ongoing work in the field of environmental monitoring to further spread research findings and innovative ideas. The poster exhibition is also a great platform for scientific discussions and networking opportunities

The aim is to enhance the overall conference experience by facilitating knowledge, sharing, networking and interactive learning.

Amongst the poster exhibitors you can for example discuss with The Swedish Research fleet, Voice of the Ocean Foundation and the Gothenburg Marine Biological Laboratory. Please find the complete list of exhibitors below.

Poster exhibitors at the MEMFIS conference




Matthias Obst

Department of Marine Sciences, University of Gothenburg

SUBSIM – a national platform for SUBSea IMage analysis

Erik Browaldh

Cecilia Edbom Blomstrand


Seafloor Annotation Mapping Support (SEAMS) - an app to support benthic analysis

Karina Barquet & Frans Sjölander

Stockholm Environment Institute

Exploring feasibility of multi-purpose platforms

Björn Lindell


The Swedish Research Fleet – Seven Universities and authorities in Cooperation

Johan Backer & David Wolff


Reduce the amount of ghostgear in the sea with the help of smart technology

Jakob Valve & Elizaveta Mattsson

DEEP, Stockholm Univeristy

To detect or not detect – the importance of sampling frequency for meaningful phytoplankton monitoring

Robert Mars

Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde

Shallow Water Processes and Transitions to the Baltic Scale – Instrumentation for the Coastal waters

Anna Willstrand Wranne & Louise Biddle

Voice of the Ocean Foundation

Baltic Sea Ocean Observatories; two years of continuous autonomous operations, data delivery and science applications

Björn Källström & Lena Granhag

Gothenburg Marine Biological Laboratory

Combining research, citizen science and stakeholder engagement to manage marine invasive alien species

Anna Hasslow


Monitoring of by-catch of harbour porpoise

Erland Lettewall & Matthias Obst


New methods on monitoring invasive alien species

Jakob Walve

DEEP, Stockholm Univeristy

From milligrams per litre to millions of tons: Using Swedish national monitoring data to quantify changes in Baltic Sea oxygen debt among basins and depth layers

Louise Newman

Gothenburg University

The Skagerak Facility at the University of Gothenburg

Elena Gorokova

Stockholm University


Siv Huseby

Umeå Marine Sciences Center

FerryBox as a complement in the pelagic monitoring of the Gulf of Bothnia

Martin Hansson & Lena Viktorsson

Oceanographic unit, SMHI

Improved OXYGEN maps of the Baltic Sea, - using DIVAnd (Data-Interpolating Variational Analysis in n dimensions) to estimate hypoxic and anoxic areas

Magnus Wenzer, Martin Hansson & Örjan Bäck

Oceanographic unit, SMHI

SHARKtools - A new system for handling CTD-data, assuring high data quality from measurement to data delivery

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Published: 2023-10-12