Catch Statistics

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Interested in knowing more about how much fish or even which types are caught in Swedish waters, or maybe the value of sales from catches? We offer access to our catch statistics and a variety of related information.

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SwAM's statistical database of catches is updated nightly. Quantities are shown in kilograms and values in Swedish kronor.

Catch Data Since 1999

Our statistical database holds data on catches from 1999 onward. This informationis based upon the logbooks and coastal fishing records provided to us by the Swedish commercial fishing fleet.

The Data is Divided into Three Reports

  • Catch on board per fish species
  • Catch on board per type of gear
  • Sold catch per fish species – this report suggests the value of first-hand fishery product sales in Sweden, based upon sales notes which are reported to us by registered buyers.

Sort and Filter Data as Needed

All reports can be sorted and filtered through a number of variables including catch area, fish species, landing area, type of gear, vessel segment, and landing year.

Please note that adjustments to the catches for the current year are made as needed.

Published: 2013-12-05
Reviewed: 2015-04-10