Challenges and good practice in implementing the Water Framework Directive in the Nordic countries

Conference report from the Nordic WFD Meeting 2015 in Gothenburg, Sweden.


The Nordic WFD Meeting 2015 took place in the City of Gothenburg 23rd – 25th of September. The first day gathered over 100 participants from different authorities and sectors. There were representatives from the governments and environmental departments in Finland, Norway and Sweden, from regional and national authorities in Norway, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, England, Sweden and Denmark, and from the European Commission. There were also participants from the agriculture and hydropower sectors.

The conference shared experiences and discussed challenges and best practices. Working group sessions focused on characterization, economics, physical impact and implementation of measures. At the end of this report you find a list with possible task for future cooperation. An excursion in the drainage area of Viskan ended the conference, looking at on going work with concrete measures.

Many thanks to the organizers, speakers, chairmen and participants for taking the time to come to Gothenburg and contribute to the success of the event. This report is a short summary of talks and events at the conference.


Published: 2018-08-21