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Department for Fisheries Management

The department coordinates the work regarding an integrated Swedish implementation of the EU Common Fisheries Policy, particularly working toward a sustainable management of fisheries resources through an ecosystem-based approach.

The department's areas of responsibilities include:

Department Divisions

  • Administrative Control
  • Fisheries Monitoring Center
  • Fisheries Policy
  • Fisheries Licensing
  • Landing Inspection
  • keeping connected the various parts of fisheries management regarding the introduction of common regulations, national regulations, and the implementation of fisheries control
  • coordinating, promoting, and supporting the policy work necessary for Sweden to achieve its objectives for fisheries and water-related environmental policies
  • the regulation, licensing, and monitoring regarding living aquatic resources
  • the work regarding the implementation of HELCOM's Baltic Sea Action Plan (BSAP) concerning fisheries
  • Sweden's implementation of the EU's fisheries control and operative responsibility
  • coordinating information with other relevant Swedish agencies
  • providing support within its area of responsibility to Sweden's Government Offices
  • preparing regulatory issues within its field.
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