Operational Strategy

The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management’s operational strategy sets out overarching goals for our activities over the three-year period 2021–2023. These goals are based on our mission and responsibilities, which follow from the official ordinance, other statutes and policy.

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The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (SwAM)
is a national administrative agency that implements a cohesive
marine and water management policy on behalf of the Swedish

We are working with issues of conservation, restoration
and sustainable utilisation of lakes, watercourses, seas and
fisheries resources. We collaborate with other public agencies and
actors in society in Sweden, the EU and globally.

We work from source-to-sea, applying a knowledge-based and coordinated management approach with a focus on the ecosystem. An ecosystem-based management approach means that all management tools must work in harmony to strengthen the ecosystems and the ser vices they provide. Stakeholder engagement at all levels is a critical approach in ecosystem-based management.

The national policy framework emphasises assuming responsibility
for the future, for Sweden and the world around us, in
accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda
2030). This means taking strong measures in order to achieve clean
seas, lakes and watercourses. It also means addressing eutrophication, environmental toxins, littering and other threats to lakes, coasts and seas, and in doing so creating an enabling framework for a blue and bio-based circular economy in which fishing is an important part.

The operational strategy defines the framework in our process of planning and follow-up. Together with an annual operational plan, the strategy is translated into activities at unit level – the results of which we measure in the effects on the environment and in societal benefits, and report to the government, the general public and globally.

The world around us is in constant flux, and the operational
strategy is therefore not a static document. It can be updated
during the strategy period until 2023, on the basis of national, EU-wide and global priorities.

Published: 2021-01-29