Operating strategy 2018–2020

Our operating strategy lays down overarching goals for our oper­ations over a three-year period. This is based on our commission and responsibility in our instructions from the authorities, other statutes and policies.


National policy emphasises responsibility for the future, for Sweden and our environment. This requires the realisation of forceful measures to achieve clean seas, lakes and streams. Such measures could comprise combating eutrophication, environ­mental toxins, littering and other threats to Sweden’s lakes, coast and sea. Several UN sustainability targets, along with the gener­ation and environmental quality targets adopted by the Swedish Parliament, also designate these requirements.

One method of achieving sustainability may be to work towards a circular and bio-based economy. This may require a transition to a renewable energy system by means of a balanced exploitation of hydropower as adjustable power. It may also require the realisation of the Swedish maritime strategy and food strategy.

The above could engender a sustainable blue and green growth with competitive and innovative businesses, and developing the EU’s Europe 2020 strategy regarding sustainable growth for all.

Sustainable development requires balanced development of different public interests, while at the same time protecting and conserving fundamental ecosystem functions. The links between sustainability and development are reflected in our vision: ”Flour­ishing seas, lakes, and streams for the benefit and enjoyment of all”.

Published: 2018-02-06