Science Affairs Department

The department is responsible for the agency's long-term provision of expertise in areas such as the environment, fish and other aquatic organisms, fishing, marine spatial planning, social economics and other aspects surrounding water, marine, and fisheries management, and efforts with international development cooperation, international processes, and conventions.

The department's areas of responsibilities include:

Department Divisions

  • Research and Environmental Objectives
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • International Affairs
  • fulfilling SwAM's needs for data collection and the monitoring of marine and freshwater
  • preparing research needs, including coordinating with adjacent research funders, agencies, and researchers
  • monitoring and evaluating Sweden's environmental objectives
  • investigations, evaluations, and analyses relating to Sweden's environmental objectives
  • methodology relating to SwAM's work with investigations, evaluations, and analyses
  • coordinating SwAM's international work with conventions, development cooperation, and Sweden's policy for global development
  • SwAM's library
  • providing support within its area of responsibility to Sweden's Government Offices
  • preparing regulatory issues within its field
  • ensuring that SwAM fulfills its obligations as a statistical authority.
Published: 2013-12-02
Updated: 2020-06-04