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Program for Swedish Water Management Conference 2017

The program for this year’s Swedish Water Management Conference gives an overview of what to expect during the two-day event.

The conference will be held in Swedish, except where otherwise noted.

Tuesday 16 May

9:30 Registration, coffee and roll

Sign up for the various workshops if you haven’t already done so online.

10:30 Welcome to the Swedish Water Management Conference

Anna Jöborn, conference host and department head at SwAM, wishes all participants a warm welcome. Jakob Granit, SwAM’s director general, introduces the conference’s theme, “From Source to Sea,” and the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

11:00 The World Gathers for the Oceans – Agenda 2030, The Ocean Conference, and Source to Sea

Isabella Lövin, Sweden’s Minister for International Development Cooperation and Climate, speaks about the Global Goals for Sustainable Development from an international perspective.

In English. Illustration.

11:30 Source to Sea: A Framework for Management of the Freshwater–Coastal–Marine Resources Continuum

Dr. Stephen F. Lintner is an independent advisor on Environmental and Social Sustainability. He has worked at the World Bank and has over 40 years of worldwide experience in environment, infrastructure, and water resources management. Lintner speaks about the experiences in the use of the source-to-sea approach in the Baltic Sea region and other areas of the world.

In English. Illustration.

11:55 Outlook South Africa

Along South Africa's 3,000 kilometer-long coastline both opportunities and challenges arise in working to achieve SDG 14. Dr. Monde Mayekiso, South Africa’s Deputy Director-General for Oceans and Coasts, speaks about how the country is building a blue economy.

In English. Illustration.

12:20 Panel Discussion – Goals and Opportunities

How are we working with SDGs 6 and 14, both in Sweden and internationally? What kinds of opportunities and challenges exist? Monika Stankiewicz, Helcom, Johan Hassel, Swedish Delegation for the 2030 Agenda, Lisa Emelia Svensson, UN Environment, Christian Leffler, European External Action Service, Birgitta Liss Lymer, The Action Platform for Source-to-Sea Management. Moderator: Jakob Granit, SwAM's director general.

13:00 Lunch

13:50 Inspirational Local Water Management

Thomas Nydén from Emåförbundet, the winner of Sjöstjärnan 2016, shares good examples, advice, and firsthand experience from the organization’s successful efforts.

14:20 Workshops, Round One

SwAM’s experts host workshops around the issues they are currently working with. Choose from one of 15 to attend.

15:30 Afternoon coffee and snack

16:00 Workshops, Round Two

A chance to partake in yet another workshop.

17:00 Blue Economy – The Way of the Future!

Sven-Erik Bucht, Sweden’s Minister for Rural Affairs, talks about the government’s work to promote growth and sustainability in the marine sector.

17:25 Day One Wrap-up

18:30 Mingling and Dinner

The evening begins with a chance for pre-dinner drinks and mingling with friends new and old. Then it’s time for a sit-down dinner and some entertainment.

Wednesday 17 May


Time for those who are presenting at Speakers’ Corner to get set up. Morning coffee is available during this time.

9.00 Welcome to Day Two

9:10 Opening Address and Think Tank

Fulfilling SDG 14 requires knowledge of and commitment to our oceans. Minister for the Environment Karolina Skog speaks about marine pedagogy as an important tool for strengthening these necessities. Michael Palmgren, head of operations at the Marine Science Center, and Maria Jämting, CEO at Havets Hus, speak about their experiences with marine pedagogy. Conference participants then have a chance to let
their ideas bubble to the surface as the forum transforms into a think tank. What can Sweden contribute in order to sustainably develop our marine and water resources?

10:10 Morning Coffee and Snack

10:30 Speakers’ Corner I and II

Thirty conference participants speak about their current projects. Choose two of interest, then listen and ask questions.

In English. Illustration.

11:10 From Relief to Transformational Resilience

Sida, together with Dr. Carl Gustaf Lundin and Ms. Aban Marker Kabraji from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), presents IUCN's contributions to SDG 14 and Agenda 2030. Examples of the technical and regional work by IUCN in areas like ocean warming, ocean acidifications and ocean plastics will be showcased. Particular focus will be given to Mangroves for the Future, a successful initiative contributing to safeguarding and increasing the well-being of coastal communities in Asia

11:45 Microplastics – From Source to Sea to Stream

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) is in the midst of an ongoing assignment from the government on microplastics. SEPA officer Jenny Hedman presents findings on the sources of microplastics in the ocean as well as overall conclusions.

12:00 Speakers’ Corner III and IV

A chance to listen to two more presentations.

In English. Illustration.

12:30 Reconnecting

Anna Nordén, Program Manager at SDSN Northern Europe, Centre for Environment and Sustainability, GMV, and Jessica Hjerpe, Maritime expert at Region Västra Götaland, gives us the latest updates from the Sustainable Development Solutions Network’s conference SIF Ocean. Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, President of World Maritime University, presents the outcome from the university's conference Save Our Ocean.

12:50 On the Hook

Four director generals look to the future. Ingrid Pettersson, Formas, Annika Rembe, Swedish Institute, Leif Denneberg, The Board of Agriculture, and Jakob Granit, SwAM. Moderator: Anna Jöborn, department head at SwAM.

13:20 Final Remarks

13:30–14:15 Lunch

We end the conference with lunch together.

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Published: 2017-03-27

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