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Private sector efforts for sustainable seas

Invention and the desire to strive for a sustainable world are big in the Swedish business sector. At a recent workshop, in preparation for the upcoming Ocean Conference in New York, good examples and innovations for a sustainable blue economy were presented.

On 21 March, SwAM and the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute arranged a workshop in Gothenburg, Sweden, where government agencies, researchers, and representatives from Swedish businesses and organisations had the chance to discuss trends, challenges, and good examples of blue economy that improves the environment.

“The Swedish business sector is really engaged and has many ideas for reaching the goal for sustainable seas within the UN’s 2030 Agenda,” says Ulrika Siira, senior analyst at SwAM.

Energy-efficient shipping

Carl Carlsson from Zero Vision Tool spoke about how shipping can be more energy efficient and minimize its impact on the environment, without cutting down on maritime transport. Zero Vision Tool is a collaboration between industry, academia, and the government and is one of the good examples that Sweden will bring to The Ocean Conference in New York.

“Government agencies, businesses, and researchers are good at working together to ensure that new innovations come to use. We hope to exhibit this in a way that can inspire actors in other countries,” says Ulrika Siira.

Among several examples presented that day was a method for removing excessive nutrients from the ocean and minimizing eutrophication with the help of ascidians which subsequently become biogas.

“We hope that the workshop inspired the participants and that it leads to new partnerships that promote sustainable blue growth,” says Ulrika.

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Published: 2017-05-12

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