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Seeking Experts in Transponder Communication

This open invitation for participation in EU project Union VMS is addressed to experts with the knowledge, skills and experience of transponder communication and sea-to-shore integration within the framework of VMS. Submissions by June 19 are given priority.

Position Summary

Download a full description of the open invitation to experts in transponder communication for participation in Union VMS.PDF

The Union VMS system is designed according to a modular design pattern in order to foster reusability, portability and decoupling. One of the strategic goals for a module is to allow it to be reused in future development efforts.

The focus of this invitation is a specific module called the Exchange module which deals with all incoming and outgoing exchange of position related data. I/O functionality exposed by this Exchange module is represented by plugins.

This invitation focuses on terminal plugins that cater to transponder communication. A terminal plugin is responsible for catering to communication between transponder and shore (Union VMS) and vice versa, if that functionality is supported.

Union VMS is built upon the Java Enterprise Stack.


To be considered, you must:

  • Have a profound knowledge of one or more transponder systems
  • Have extensive experience of programming in the environment described in the UnionVMS Tech Stack specification.
  • Be in a position to sign a non-disclosure agreement for the duration of the project
  • Possess excellent communication skills and the ability to collaborate with people at all levels

How to Submit Your Application

Applications for consideration should be sent via e-mail to Niclas Andreasson. The application should include your contact information.

Applicants are expected to have read the full description of this open invitation.PDF

Application Deadline

Applications submitted by 17:00 CEST on Friday, June 19, 2015 will be considered for the first release of Union VMS.

Applications after this deadline are most welcome, but on-time submissions will be prioritized. Deliverables from an application submitted after the deadline can still be included in the first release if all plugin conditions are met.

Selection Procedure

Applicants will be contacted and interviewed. Pending successful completion of this process, the selected expert(s) will then be invited to a meeting to produce a detailed plan of delivery.

The experts who are then selected will be granted access to an SVN repository wherein the necessary supporting documentation will be found. Development, build, and testing will be performed according to the detailed plan of delivery.

Why Participate?

A number of Member States are actively participating in this project with the intention of adopting the solution in place of a proprietary system.

Throughout the Member States is a wide variety of on-board transponders used; therefore it would be extremely beneficial to the individual Member States and the terminal providers if the necessary plugins are pre-developed as part of this project.

  • At a later stage, this invitation may be enlarged to cover other aspects of the UVMS project or other projects leading to the fisheries software suite.

Although the UVMS system will be published under an open source license, plugins provided by an expert can be provided under a free-to-use license.

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Published: 2015-06-23

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