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Union VMS – Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about the Union VMS project are found below.

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How do I participate?

The project is not taking inquiries from external parties. Only external parties that are assigned as experts representing a specific member state are involved.

However, an open invitation to participate will be issued should the project need external expertise.

Current open invitations for the Union VMS project

What is the project's budget?

The budget is 500,000 euros and is co-financed by the EU Commission and Sweden.

Will Union VMS disqualify the usage of commercial systems?

No. Instead, the project aims at providing an implementation solution that fulfils the legal requirements imposed by VMS when no other option is available.

The final outcome will be published as open source and with a supporting license.

What is the project's timeline?

­June 2013 – the project was introduced

2014 – funding was received

September 2014 – the project begane

January 2015 – the development phase began

December 31, 2015 – the project will close

How are the project requirements determined?

Requirements for the project are set by a board consisting of representatives from participating member states who articulate the needs of their countries and comment on requirements from an aggregation of various tender specifications.

Requirements which are approved by the board are subjected to a MoSCoW analysis. A backlog for the developers is then produced

Because the requirements process is ongoing and a thorough analysis of specific systems has not been performed, we are unable to say whether or not all of the requirements expressed are met by other existing systems.

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