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Cooperation with China

Sweden participates in steering committee meetings and coordinates Swedish actors within the Chinese Europe Water Platform (CEWP). Participation makes it possible for increased Swedish cooperation with China in water issues.

We have a government assignment to coordinate and act as point of contact for Sweden’s efforts in the Chinese Europe Water Platform (CEWP). The platform was launched during the seventh World Water Forum in March 2012 by China and the EU. CEWP aims to strengthen dialogue within various policy issues as well as research and industry cooperation within the water sector.

SwAM has applied for EU funding for a project on energy and the environment in China. This applies to a four-year collaboration.

The project involves:

  • improving the utilisation of hydropower in China
  • using hydropower as a balancing force in an energy system converted to renewable energy production
  • adapting existing hydropower to be more environmentally friendly
  • building a network between the EU and China.

We are leading the project and have four co-partners:

The Swedish Energy Agency, the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, and the Stockholm International Water Institute are associated partners.

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