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Cooperation with Brazil

We have initiated cooperation with Brazil regarding marine spatial planning, marine management, and water management.

Marine spatial planning

We have initiated cooperation with Brazil’s Ministry of the Environment on coastal and marine management. Marine spatial planning has been identified as an important area, and in the future, workshops will be planned together with the Departamento de Zonamento Terrotorial (DZT) which lies under the Ministry of the Environment. Our other activities in Brazil will focus on environmental monitoring, data collection, and marine litter.

Water management

We have made initial contact with Brazil’s National Water Agency (ANA). Among the possible areas identified for cooperation are water information systems and the coordination of water-focused environmental data. We will develop our collaboration with ANA as the year progresses.

Biodiversity in running water

In Brazil, we have previously established cooperation with representatives at larger hydropower companies. We have had contact with Brazil’s largest hydropower company ITAIPU Binacional.

Sweden’s efforts on hydropower dialogue, Sweden's national strategy for hydropower development (in Swedish), and work regarding best possible technologies have been raised in dialogues with these company representatives.

What are the effects of cooperation?

Cooperation in river management and sustainable hydropower has developed positively and generated in-depth knowledge, particularly regarding ecological flows, sediment transport, fish passages, and the monitoring of water quality and fish migration.

We have also created better conditions for strengthening research collaboration between Brazil and Sweden regarding the ecological adaptations of hydropower.

What about the future?

In the coming years, we will focus on initiating dialogue and cooperation with relevant actors in government agencies and departments.

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