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Thank you to our conference attendees 2019! We had an amazing time in Gothenburg and hope you did too.
Sweden's leading marine and water organizations gathered to participate in our conference, joining over 350 participants from all over Sweden.

Swedish Marine and Water Management Conference 26- 27 May 2020

We are cancelling the annual conference to help slow spread of COVID-19

Stay safe and see you in 2021!

About the 2019 conference

The theme of the conference was about cooperation and opportunities for climate adaptation. We raised current issues such as eutrophication, environmental monitoring, water environment and hydropower. We learned about rivers of restorations and coast adaption. We heard about Sweden's new research vessel Svea and we noticed that 2019 is the international Year of the Salmon. The award "Sjöstjärnan" (starfish) was announced at the event, Congratulations to mr Lennart Henriksson for his engagement in water conservation.

This year's SwAM conference took place on 4th-5th of June, and as SwAM:s Director General Jakob Granit pointed out in the introduction, the spotlight was on climate change and cooperation.

Minister for Environment and Climate, and Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lövin held a speech about Swedens climate work forward, priorities and the challenges awaiting. She talked about sustainable fishing and highlighted the aims to protect our marine environments.

A panel of professionals shared their knowledge about The Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources.The panel included Climate Advisor and Sweden's IPCC focal point professor Markku Rummukainen, Åsa Sjöström from the Swedish National Knowledge Centre for Climate Change Adaptation at the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, Robert Johannesson, Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, Mette Lindahl Olsson, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and Björn Sjöberg, SwAM. The discussion focused primarily on research-based knowledge, collaboration between authorities on making adjustments and being prepared for the future.  

Sten Frohm, Secretary General, Swedish Anglers Association, raised the issue of overfishing and fish resources of the future.

Members from the rock-band Weeping Willow's contributed to the conference. Magnus Carlson, Niko Röhlcke and Anders Hernestam discussed water management and ecosystems and climate changes with SwAM:s Director General Jakob Granit. They were all thrilled to learn more about how authorities and corporate organizations work to make changes for a better future and they shared their own experiences on fishing, water and climate changes. The band recently released the album ‘After Us’, and according to the band it is about the future, and our ignorance of it. They also attended one of the workshops about Non-indigenous Species in aquatic environments.

Their climate commitment influenced the audience, and so did the three Young Ocean Ambassadors from Kryddgårdsskolan in collaboration with the Marine Education Center in Malmö. The youths saw a future involving knowledge about the environment and the climate, about waste and pollution as opportunities for profit and prosperity. They talked about hope for the environment and humanity, a better chance for the future.

Thomas Klein, SwAM, presented a collaborative project with the Swedish Forest Agency on Smarter Environmental Information.

Johan Kling and Jenny Liökel, both SwAM, presented the work of reviewing Swedish hydropower, a comprehensive work in which a national plan takes form. Hydropower plays a central role in Sweden's goal of achieving the goal of 100 per cent renewable electricity production by 2040.

SwAM leads, since 1th of January 2019, the way in the development of these systems through continued collaboration with the Swedish Energy Agency and Svenska kraftnät. By 1th of October 2019, a proposal for a national plan on how hydropower will be provided with modern environmental conditions is to be presented to the government. The government decides the plan.

The conference also offered workshops in collaboration with other actors and several project presentations.

The conference is an annual event for the leading Swedish water and marine professionals engaged in governance and management of water resources in the continuum from source to sea.

A key objective of the conference is to link politics to reality and to demonstrate how local activities and engagement contribute to global benefits, and to think globally and act locally.

We combine keynotes, presentations, workshops, discussions, poster sessions and speaker’s corners in order to promote new cooperation/alliances and exchange of knowledge and ideas.

2018 conference

Our annual conference is the only one of its kind, gathering participants of all professions in Sweden who are engaged in water-related issues.

2018 focus area was the Baltic Sea region, we highlighted issues about climate, sustainable oceans - Sustainable use, Marine Area Protection, Clean Oceans and followed up actions linked to Agenda 2030.

During the conference, we followed-up on progress and results achieved including the outcomes of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the global sustainability goals that SvaM is continually working on. Sustainable development means that we develop different social interests while protecting and preserving basic ecosystem functions. Regional cooperation that identifies both regional and local initiatives in the Baltic Sea can make a big difference for balanced development.

One of our keynote speakers was Karolina Skog, Ministry of the Environment and Energy. Karolina Skog also handed over the award "Sjöstjärnan" (starfish) at the event. 

The Crown Princess attended 2018 conference. The Crown Princess is an advocate for the UN's global sustainable development goals, and during the event the Crown Princess met last year's winner of the prize "Sjöstjärnan" along with the winner 2018.

The Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) is a global initiative within the UN. SDSN brings together experts within different fields to highlight practical solutions for sustainable development, including the implementation of the global goals and the Paris Agreement.

Check out the event photos.

From Source to Sea

“From Source to Sea,” we are focusing on the new 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDG).

You will have the opportunity to meet and influence our agency’s work as well as participants from other organizations. Our experts will dive into topics such as eutrophication and consumption, marine litter and the role of businesses. You’ll experience two intense yet fun days.

Who is Coming?

The Swedish Water Management Conference is a meeting place for everyone who works with water and its sustainable use – farming, innovation, forestry, fishing, energy, sewage, shipping, urban planning.

Published: 2017-03-27