Marine planning

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Long-term planning is a key measure for sustainable management of the sea. Marine spatial planning can strengthen environments and communities, and contribute to poverty reduction and local economic growth.

We collaborate with partners in East Africa and Western Indian Ocean to do this.

Training in marine spatial planning

We offer our partners hands-on experience and expertise in policy, planning and implementation.

WIO Symphony – assess the impacts of your planning decision

WIO Symphony, the Symphony tool for the Wester Indian Ocean is a tool for ecosystem-based marine spatial planning. It helps you compare cumulative environmental impact from different planning options. The Nairobi Convention and SwAM is adapting it to the Western Indian Ocean.

Training modules on marine spatial planning

Content can be adapted to your needs.

  • Module 1 – Introduction to marine spatial planning
  • Module 2 – The marine spatial planning process
  • Module 3 – Data and information
  • Module 4 – Assessment of the effects of the plan
  • Module 5 – Transboundary marine spatial planning

Poverty, gender and marine spatial planning

We have drafted a method for integrating a poverty and gender equality perspective in marine spatial planning processes:

Marine spatial planning has become more important in recent decades, and now especially in developing countries as a way to achieve sustainable development of the blue economy. The draft helps answering how actors can work to distribute power and influence.

Local Blue Growth

Study on what infrastructure and institutional factors need to be in place for local, blue growth in the Western Indian Ocean region.

  • Case-studies will be carried out in two parts of the region.
  • Swedish experiences will be collected into applicable learning.
  • A policy-brief to aid further measures for a blue economy based on a synthesis of the study results.

Fish and Fisheries data

Fish and fisheries data will be part of our work in WIO Symphony.

Climate Change Adaption

Overview of other organizations’ projects and initiatives

Climate Change Adaptation through conservation and rehabilitation of mangrove forests

Sources of Climate Change Adaptation information in the Western Indian Ocean

Training courses related to Climate Change Adaptation

Published: 2021-01-26
Updated: 2021-04-01